What fabric are New Care girdles made of?

The girdles are very common garments today. They come in different designs, and some are more complex than others according to what is needed. Some are designed for exercise, others for daily usage, and some special for post-surgery or the 2nd/3rd stage. Here we will guide you through an explanation of the materials used to manufacture the New Care line of shapers.

General characteristics of the fabrics used in Body Shapers:

To begin, at New Care we value the safety of the girdles for their users. We ensure that the materials we use and the composition of the garments allow healthy perspiration of the skin, to avoid allergies or bruises when wearing these garments, keeping them comfortable throughout usage.


In order to generate adequate and uniform compression, we ensure that the fabric is able to stretch evenly in all directions. We also ensure that the shaping is adequate in order to generate the desired silhouette for our users.

Lining of the girdles:


Cotton is a natural fiber that allows air to pass through its fibers. It is widely used in indoor clothing since it less likely to cause allergies on our skin. In New Care we optionally line the girdles in cotton, this cotton fabric has a small percentage of elastane to provide the stretching the garment requires. It offers good coverage and maximum comfort.

 Fresh and Silky Lycra

Another optional way to line the girdles in New Care is with fresh and silky Lycra. This material is very comfortable since it is made of polyamide and elastane with a semi-matte appearance. It is light weight, lets the skin perspire, and feels very soft to the touch, which will be useful when putting on and taking off the garment. It’s also cool to the touch for added comfort while using.


This is a special fabric that we use to internally reinforce medium or light compression garments. It is a flexible and soft-to-touch microgrid composed mostly of polyester combined with a little spandex.


This fabric is also used on the outside of medium compression garments (on request), lining them in cotton or Lycra as described above.

Postoperative or Postpartum Girdles:

The goal of using a postpartum girdle is to reposition the abdominal muscles, giving greater security when performing daily tasks, especially after a cesarean section. Among the main benefits of these girdles are


  • Reducing pain after childbirth

  • Helping to improve posture, thereby preventing pain or discomfort in the spine

  • Contributing to returning the uterus to its place

  • Helping to recover from abdominal diastasis

  • Preventing the formation of seroma

  • In addition to molding and giving a beautiful figure, it helps emotionally in a positive way, providing greater firmness and security that will help the person who wears this garment to feel more confident and happy.

It is very important that you consult your doctor before using a postpartum or postoperative girdle for advice on its use. They are usually used until the third month after childbirth, after that the person will be able to perform exercises that strengthen their abdominal wall.


NOTE: Prolonged usage of these garments and wearing the wrong size for greater compression can cause weakness in the abdominal muscles causing sagging instead of the expected stiffness.


This material is perfect for girdles. It is an elastic fabric made of a mixture of polyamide and elastane. This fabric provides greater compression than those made only of Microfiber. The  Powernet fabric has the ability to adapt to the person's body, is very comfortable, gives freedom of movement and regains shape very well. Due to its uniform compression, the Powernet garments are used to mold and model the body. The Powernet is an anatomical mesh that shapes the body perfectly.


The material never gives way and always exerts the exact pressure that the body needs to maintain the positive results of surgery. It considerably prevents the pain of liposuction as it keeps the skin firm and allows blood circulation.

Medium/light compression girdles

Medium or light compression girdles are designed to gently mold the body, allowing body masses to stay in place without embarrassing us by their exposure or unwanted movements. They are VERY COMFORTABLE since they allow the skin to perspire and their level of compression is much less rigid than those made of powernet, so there will be no problem using them daily or when sleeping.


Taking into account this important information, New Care uses the following materials in medium or light compression garments:

Lycra exterior

This fabric made with polyamide and elastane is ideal for the manufacture of light and medium control girdles and garments for daily usage. It will give a striking appearance to your body by highlighting your attributes and hiding those uncomfortable details. With a sleek, inconspicuous garment giving your body a splendid natural appearance, you will feel safe, confident and best of all... COMFORTABLE!!

Sports girdles:

The objective of these garments, in addition to molding the body very well thanks to its extreme compression, is to help increase body temperature. In this way, it is intended to burn more fat or lose more fluids when exercising.


The exterior of these garments is made of Latex, this material is not porous so it does not allow perspiration. Therefore, it is not advisable to use this material in direct contact with the skin.


At New Care we know how important it is to take care of your body, so we line this type of garment in cotton materials that helps to allow the skin to breathe. We recommend the usage of this type of clothing for a maximum of two (2) continuous hours since the difficulty of perspiration can lead to unwanted outbreaks or allergies on the skin.

We know that there are other materials and other types of more specific girdles such as weight lifting girdles or orthopedic girdles that have other specificities, to find out about these you can consult a specialised supplier.


If you know of any other material or would like to add to the information provided here, please text us on WhatsApp, your opinion matters to us!