What is New Care?

We started in Colombia, 2007, as an organization that provides possibilities, guides with a sense of empathy, and accompany you in your daily life. In this organization, it's provided comfort, joy, and satisfaction.

We are happy to see you happy!

Why do we exist?

Our day to day lives consumes us. It is so hectic that we lose the ability to give importance to the small details of life and, without realizing it, we have become unhealthy people.
New Care is a solution for you to develop habits that allow you to explore your beauty, health, and entire being through your own routine.

Our Mindset

We believe that committing ourselves to do things from our hearts gives better results, that’s why we do everything with love, which ignites passion and all the feelings that result in satisfaction.


Small details that makes New Care:

We believe that values are the basis for behavior in a society or among other people. That is why those are our guide in everyday life, always present in our planning, decision-making, and executions.


We are accountable to ourselves and others with which we live, work, and share this planet. Therefore, New Care will always not only think about its own benefits but also its collaborators, users, and the environment.


Viewed as courage, the spirit of not giving up, of evaluating what we have done wrong and trying it again with the aim of obtaining not only the desired result but something even better.


It is one of the most important values in New Care because if we are not able to put ourselves in the shoes of others, feel what they feel, and evaluate their reality, we cannot give them possibilities or give them comfort, joy, and satisfaction.


At New Care, we believe in honesty. We are a team that accepts the truth, strive to be sincere, upright, and lawful in our actions.


We accept change and understand that thanks to it there is evolution and differences in humanity, that is why Respect is one of our bases for good coexistence and living with quality, happiness, and comfort in our daily environment.


The good experiences of life have taught us to do everything with love, passion, and dedication. Only then will we know that the final result will be coming from our best and we will be proud of it. We inject love into our daily lives and actions.

We are happy to see you happy!